Cash, gift cards given to people in Quarryville

Employees of a Quarryville business handed out into the community at noon on Friday, December 23, to share the spirit of the Christmas season.

By the time they were done, they expected to hand out $1,000 to help residents pay bills and buy last-minute gifts.  They were also passing out $400 in gift cards donated by other businesses in the community.

story-continued“it’s our last day of work before the Christmas holiday, so we decided to do something as a team that will also benefit the community,” said Tiffany Clough, manager of the Income Store.

While two people in the company’s office knew of the project in advance, other employees were only told they would be decorating their cars before parading through the borough.

The employees, escorted by a borough police car and an engine from the Quarryville Fire Company, stopped at several locations in the community, starting with the laundromat on W. State St. and including Ferguson & Hassler’s Supermarket.

One family in Oak Bottom Village was notified in advance of the project so someone would be home when the employees arrived.  Aside from that family, no one has been chose in advance.

“We do not know who the recipients are and the recipients have no idea we are coming,” Clough said.

The employees also went to Quarryville’s borough hall to help pay a family’s water and sewer bill.

“We’re also going to stop people on the street and offer them gift cards or cash,” she said.  “We’re just sharing random acts of kindness in hope that the people who benefit will pay it forward to someone else.”

The business, which donated the $1,000 in cash, has also adopted three families for Christmas.  Those families received a Christmas breakfast, a complete dinner, and gifts.

“The employees chose to donate the money that would have been spent on a company Christmas party to support those families,” the store manager said.  The random acts of kindness convoy was a new adventure for the store.  “we decided to see how well it would work,” Clough said.  “If it does well, we’ll do it again.”

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