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Of all the ways to create a consistent and passive income stream, purchasing an existing, revenue generating website is the smartest.  Our marketing team ensures your digital web property has the best chance to grow, creating additional income for you month after month. There’s a reason why more than 71% of our income store partners purchase additional websites after they get their feet wet.

  • Site Partners who purchased additional websites 71% 71%
  • Site Partners who feel there money was well spent 97% 97%
  • Websites purchased & succeeding financially 100% 100%

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Ken shares his best growth strategies

Online Income: Navigating The Internet Mindfield

Using the case studies and results of his 200 websites, Ken Courtright opens the door showing, step by step, how his company has built a portfolio of sites that are seen just under 100,000,000 times each year.

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Against The Grain: With Brian Tracy

Against the Grain takes you on a journey with Ken Courtright, Brian Tracy and more through achieving success in a down economy. For a limited time, you can download the book FREE below!

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Our Current Site Partners Have Plenty To Say…

I have been in the financial services industry for 14 years now. Our office is in the Top 1% of all offices worldwide. I was referred to Ken Courtright from one of his “Raving Fan Clients”. All they knew was that we managed a large investment fund and liked alternatives to the stock market. From my first call with Ken, he came to the table with a unique blend of business experience, technology experience, marketing experience and creditability, I knew immediately he was onto something. I have had him explain the whole process in great detail many times. I think I asked every possible “risk” question or “what if” scenario. What impressed me the most was, he had already thought of EVERYTHING and had a plan in place for marketing changes, economy changes, technology, staffing, growth, etc. It just didn’t matter what I came up with.

I since have implemented with Ken and we use his process and products for consistent, compounding, growth oriented profits for our fund and investors. In my opinion, the way he has this structured this process for his site partners, there is very little down side risk and a world of opportunity for long term growth of anyone’s portfolio. We are consistently trying to buy additional websites from him each and every month to add to our portfolio and monthly cash flow. As of next month, I even have my own father taking some of his money out of my fund and reinvesting with Ken, simply because the cash flow is so strong and predictable. I strongly recommend you look at Ken’s process and cash flow for your own portfolio.

Ron, Portfolio Fund Manager

Can you take exception to 24% ROI? Didn’t think so.  That’s what the revenue splits amounted to from the first 8 full months’ performance by the two websites I purchased with TGC in July 2012.  It is also about 10% more than the minimum contractual guaranteed by the operating partner.  Are these figures sustainable?  Barring drastic underachievement from the economy, I see no reason for doubt. Stay tuned, however.  The year-end report I’ve agreed to submit (and TGC has agreed to publish) will, I believe, confirm this conclusion.

John Mann

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