Phone Sales Employment Opportunity

We are looking for full time individuals who will use phone, email & social media to reach out to potential advertisers for websites within our network with the intention of selling advertising space.

Travel not required.


This position will involve:

  1. Finding potential advertisers using our tools. Team members will be trained on the use of these tools.
  2. Using tools, and self-research, team members will need to discover individuals responsible for managing ad budgets at the potential advertiser organizations. Self motivation and creative thinking is required.
  3. Using phone, email, and social media, team members will contact potential advertiser to share our opportunities.
    1. We will provide web pages where advertisers can easily purchase ads over the phone using a credit card.
    2. Team members will use their cell phone for this outreach.
    3. We will provide a Google Voice phone number that will forward to your cell phone, so there is no need to give your personal cell phone number out.
  4. Pig headed determination and discipline is required. Sometimes potential advertisers will need to be contacted 10+ times before a call back is received.
  5. Team members need to have an incredible level of personal confidence, because sales closing skills are REQUIRED.
  6. We DO NOT use scripts. However, we will provide bullet points and common objection rebuttals.
  7. Finding solutions to the potential advertisers’ challenges is required (creative thinking)



Team members will be compensated a small hourly rate with commissions and performance bonuses. Exact compensation will be determined based on past successes in tele-sales.

Earning potential is unlimited.


Work Location

Ideal candidates will be able to work from our Quarryville, PA office. However, candidates may work from home utilizing our time tracking & monitoring software.


How To Apply

To apply, please call or text Tracy Boyd – 717-598-1800.

If you are not incredibly confident and motivated to succeed, please do not apply.

Income Store is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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