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“Online Income: Navigating the Internet Minefield” Offers a Fresh Look at Internet Businesses;
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Minooka, Ill. – May 28, 2013 — The Internet, since day one, has been likened to the gold rush days of the mid 1800s. And, like those early days of “get rich quick” mining and panning for gold adventures, the Internet carries similar risks and rewards. How is one to know?

A new book authored by entrepreneur and Internet business solutions consultant, Ken Courtright, found at, may help people answer many questions about online income opportunities. Online Income: Navigating the Internet Minefield, was just released by KDC3 and is available in electronic version and paperback through

Courtright is the founder of Today’s Growth Consultant and creator of Income Store, both are organizations that help those looking for income from Internet websites maximize business opportunities on the Internet. Courtright’s companies own and operate over 200 revenue generating websites with close to 100 industry experts, business owners and thought leaders. The majority of their websites are built from scratch, yet after only four years, Courtright’s group of sites are now seen over 80,000,000 times each year, with a group website growth rate of 4 million annual views each month. In 2013, Today’s Growth and Income Store will pay out over seven figures in shared revenues to their partners.

“I’ve learned a lot in the first two decades of the Internet,” said Courtright. “There is no get rich quick schemes or magic wand you can wave to generate income online. It takes insight, hard work and sound decisions. In this book, I wanted to help people understand this and keep them from making costly mistakes.”


What’s the best way to walk through a minefield? Follow someone else’s footprints, Courtright stresses in the book. “Those footprints will lead you safely through the minefield and to success.”

Online Income: Navigating the Internet Minefield offers Courtright’s perspective on being successful in the online income space. In the book, he walks readers through his own experiences and shares case studies, metaphors and “real world” examples as footprints that can act as a path for an online entrepreneur. He offers many strategies and examples that were used as his companies battled their way from zero visits on zero websites in 2009 to over 80,000,000 visits a year across their 200 websites.
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Courtright writes, “Entrepreneurship and business ownership has, for years, been compared to ‘walking through a minefield.’ This comparison is usually founded on the difference between having a job and owning a business. Business Ownership has hidden mines all over the place. When combining the ‘Internet’ with ‘Business Ownership,’ the comparison of ‘Business Ownership’ to a ‘Minefield’ is taken to a whole new level. Still, with all the variables involved with the internet, it has never been easier or faster for someone to start a business and generate a tremendous income online.”

Online Income: Navigating the Internet Minefield shows that the Internet is filled with hidden mines that people may never see. The landscape that websites play on is forever changing. It is always moving, growing and adapting. Websites are subject to search engine algorithm changes, new social platform start-ups that cannot be ignored and technology advancements that happen at a rate that is hard to comprehend. Website owners are not told of these changes in advance, they simply have to adapt.

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