After 10 years, Ken & Kerri pass the torch to former TD Ameritrade COO!

Getting to know David Kelley //

Kerri and Ken Courtright have taken Income Store to unbelievable heights. One of the main catalysts for their success has been their uncanny ability to hire strategically. Our unique assemblage of top-notch talent is a collective force capable of adapting to whatever circumstances that may arise.

If their track record is any indication of what we can expect from our newly appointed CEO David M. Kelley, then we are in for a wealth of wisdom that we can not wait to tap.

In this video, David Corbin sits down with Kerri and Ken to welcome David Kelley aboard to company headquarters. Let’s join in on the conversation to learn more about the former COO of TM Ameritrade and how this alliance came to fruition. Plus we get a glimpse into the mind of “one of the most interesting people on planet earth” as Ken likes to call him.

If you couldn’t tell, we are all excited about the long-term implications of this acquisition, and we hope you are too! Everybody raise your glass, here’s cheers to our new CEO!

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