How can you guarantee a website?

Of our 700+ revenue generating websites under management, 11 have been affected by industry changes or search engine algorithm changes that were so severe our content writing and marketing teams deemed it was better to build or buy a new one. With our portfolio approaching 1 billion viewers per year, we can often grow a website by associating it with other sites we manage or variations of marketing. Sometimes we face obstacles that can not be overcome. If we have six months in a row of declining traffic and revenue the website goes under review. Upon review, we base all decisions on the fact that our income comes from a portion of future revenues. We evaluate the cost of increased content and marketing vs. the cost of a new site build or new site purchase. In 11 cases, a new purchase or a rebuild was more cost effective and our website partners never saw a drop in income.

If these sites are such a good deal, why don't you just buy a bunch yourself?

Very similar to the publicly traded InterActive Corp. (IACI), our goal since 2009 has been to revenue share with 1000 revenue generating websites. As we can command much higher advertising dollars if we manage a larger network of websites, we’d rather own a revenue share of 1000 sites than receiving 100% of revenues across, say, 50 websites. Plus, managing 1000 sites sounds cooler.

What experience does the Income Store have in monetizing other websites?

As a three time Inc.5000 company, our management team has been working together a combined 150 years. With 95 employees, it has taken us over 20 years, but we think we have finally figured this thing out.

Why can’t I help select the site to buy?

There are 2 reasons. First, we have a site evaluation tool (the site-picker) that we created. This tool shows us the best site to buy world-wide at any given moment for a given budget. Second, we let site equity and revenue, not emotion, determine what sites to purchase.

How does the "site-picker" work?

The “site-picker” evaluates 24 categories of a website, such as page rank, alexa score, over-all traffic, traffic value, revenue per visitor, types of revenue models, total # of pages on page 1 or 2 of Google, and more. It runs all the numbers and gives a clear answer as to the sites empirical value.

Who is the actual owner of the site?

You, the site partner. You own 100% of the website. We share in the revenue.

If I own the website, can I sell the site?

It is the Income Store’s hope and expectation that a percentage of the sites they purchase and grow will eventually grow large enough to attract a large buyer. The marketing method the Income Store uses to grow the sites is the same marketing method their parent company, Today’s Growth Consultant, uses to grow their large Authority Sites. Authority Sites sell, on average, at 12 times earnings. The site partner can sell the site at any time. If a site is sold, you, the site owner, receive the original cost of the build or buy and 50% of the overage, with the remaining 50% of the overage going to Income Store. You can sell the website at any time. Income Store has first right of refusal but can not stop or block any sale.

How can I get my start up cost back?

Like a franchise or real estate, you can sell the website at any time. See the answer above for details.

I am looking for a project where I have an "active" role. Does Income Store’s program allow for this?

Nope, this project is not for you. It’s for lazy people. If, unlike most people, you love to work, you should visit their parent company’s site and click the “what we do” video. You’ll notice that with that model you are deeply involved with those web projects.

What happens if the Income Store is dissolved, closes, goes bankrupt or everyone on your killer management team, dies?

*We wrote this question this way because it was actually asked, exactly this way. First, our management make sure to never travel on the same plane. Second, if anything like that were to happen, you are the actual site owner so you would receive 100% of the revenues instead of 50%. To clarify, if a website is currently generating revenue from the Google’s Adsense Network and Income Store went out of business, Google would attempt to pay Income Store (the admin manager on record) only to find the funds came back to Google. Google will look up the owner of the website on and find you, the site partner, are the owners of the site. Google would then contact you and you would receive the funds directly from that point forward.

What are the three greatest benefits of Income Store’s program?


  1. There’s probably four.
  2. “Hands Off”: Most of our partners are busy so they choose packages that  involve no management on their part.
  3. If you watch our product videos you will see that we compare above real estate and franchising in most cases.
  4. The websites are easily sellable.
  5. The websites are intangible assets that have very favorable tax benefits.
What is the risk, if any?

The only risk is that you can’t actually see the backend of the websites you are buying until you buy them. Sites that are for sale are obligated to show the traffic analytics and their revenue reports, but not the actual code and source code of how the site is built. If the site is making money, but not well built, it may need to be ported to a stronger architecture. If that is the case, the expense is paid for by Income Store.

If I do decide to partner with the Income Store, will there be any extra costs, royalties or fees of any kind, once we get started.

No, the site partner simply funds the start of the site build or purchase. All other fees such as domain costs, hosting fees, maintenance fees and marketing costs, come out of Income Store’s revenue share of the site.

What is the Income Store and TGC’s financial status, how stable are they?

TGC is a debt-free, privately held company with no accounts payable or loans outstanding. Our founder is Dutch, that should say it all.

I am interested, what are the package sizes?

For current products and pricing, please see our “Products” page.

How do you know the site won't just fall off completely and not make any more money?

TGC manages 100’s of websites with millions of unique visitors each year on their sites. With almost 800 websites they have had to rebuild or rebuy websites 11 times, so it can happen. Luckily for the partner, any rebuild or rebuild costs, as part of Income Store’s replacement warranty, are covered by Income Store.

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