Welcome to Digital Footprint Philadelphia, Pennsylvania April 8-10 Where:       Sheraton Philadelphia Downtown Hotel 201 North 17th St.  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 215-448-2000   Room Block:    Digital Footprint/Income Store

Did you know that Successful websites leave “Foot-Prints”?

Attend our 3 Day “Digital Foot-Print” workshop and leave with a Success Blue Print installed on a brand new I-Pad Mini.


While checking in you will enter your website address into our “NextStep” app.



While you attend the 3 Day workshop the app goes to work on your website. On Sunday, when you leave, we hand you a brand new I-Pad Mini with your “Digital Foot-Print”. This is the map and the strategy we would use on your site to crush your competition.

“So what does the “NextStep” app do”?

Our “NextStep” app scans a website and, in a simple to read format, provides the following four items:

1. What on your website is currently broken and the proper method and code to fix it

2. What are your websites current strengths and how can they be improved

3. What areas your competitors are currently beating you

4. An exact, step by step, blue print as to how to crush your competition


“What will you be teaching at the workshop”?

We are holding 8 “How To” classes…

* Generate Leads          * Generate Traffic         * Find New Customers       * Market New Products

* Re-Brand Your Site   * Increase Credibility   * Create Passive Revenue   * Crush Competitors


“Why should I attend”?

We are teaching the exact, step by step methods and techniques we are using to build and grow our portfolio of over 400 Revenue Generating Websites that are now seen by over 100,000,000 people world wide.  You will be leaving with an Ipad Mini loaded with a step by step guide that you can follow to steadily grow your website to generate the traffic, leads and online monetization that you desire.



Not sure you should go?

How about listening in on a 4-minute clip of a 30-minute video chat of Ken explaining details of the event to expert marketer, Richard Weiler.

If you might be interested in:

More traffic, More REAL leads that actually convert into REAL business, More online credibility, and finding out how large websites that dominate their industry are strategized, built and monetized, then sitting in on our workshop from  Friday 9am through Sunday 5pm  is where you need to be.

See You in The City of Brotherly Love!


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